Annual Depreciation Formula – Lesson Six

This is the sixth lesson in my free bookkeeping course and I am introducing you to the annual depreciation formula, prepayments, accruals, bad debt provisions and the way we must value our stock of materials and goods available for sale. Depreciation is not allowable as a tax deduction, the revenue treat asset value deductions under … Read more

Nominal Accounts Examples – Lesson Five

The General or Nominal Ledger is the book containing all the information from which our monthly and annual accounts are prepared. I am going to provide some nominal accounts examples to show how we should categorize the various nominal accounts and this will help in setting out the initial listings where computerized accounting packages are … Read more

Free Bookkeeping Course – Lesson One

This is the first page of our free bookkeeping course. This first section will give you the ground rules which you will take forward to all of your studies in Bookkeeping and Accounts. The subject is very easy and we hope we might persuade you to take up the subject with the objective of becoming … Read more

Simple Website Tutorials

Combining simple website tutorials with the very best in hosting, security, SEO and fast load times enable you to create quality websites with relative ease. There is just one training platform that I can recommend as combining the very best of these requirements and I confidently say has all the training and facilities you will … Read more

About Us

Admin Advice Associates originated when Colin, a former accountant and part-time tutor to adult classes decided to present his fairly unique way of teaching bookkeeping and accounting on a website of his own. The on-line website tuition he found is truly exceptional and we recommend anyone contemplating building their own website to follow the story … Read more