It’s Here!

We now have a WordPress editor that enables us to completely build and control our own websites with relative ease. No coding knowledge required.


The WordPress Block editor is being embraced as the foundation for user friendly websites of the future.

GeneratePress have developed GenerateBlocks to enhance and further simplify the WordPress block editor.

Current Page Builders are forecast to become entirely obsolete, those that adopt blocks are going to have a huge competitive edge.

At Admin Advice we want you to be confident that you can build your own websites (and websites for others) with GenerateBlocks. We offer an inexpensive (about £15) month long trial with tuition from top experts. This trial will also provide an introduction on associated skills.

We cover your requirements should you:

1. require a quote from us to build and host a website for you

2. wish to complete your own website content (with our help) and have access to the website to make your own changes and additions as desired. We host the website.

3. want to learn to provide websites, hosting and/or associated services to others.

Website Building With GenerateBlocks

There are just four “blocks” which can be mastered in no time. These are Container, Grid, Headline and Buttons. For a preview, the following video provided by Philip Gladhill shows him creating a Hero Header in just five minutes:
Simple Hero Header with GenerateBlocks

N.B. The videos we refer you to have been made at different times during the on-going development of GenerateBlocks. In the above Philip has referred to breadcrumbs, more recent developments have included a navigation feature, introduced in the following videos.

The first major tutorial video we introduce to you is provided by Mike Oliver Design and is 32.08 minutes:
Introduction to GenerateBlocks by GeneratePress

We move forward by watching Mike in action as he builds a menu page for a cafe or grill, 17.5 minutes:
GenerateBlocks – How to Replicate #3: Menu Layout from Grill

Our next video is a further tuition by Mike Oliver Design on the Grid Block, lasting 24.5 minutes:
GenerateBlocks Grid Block Tutorial

Next we have included a second contribution from Philip Gladhill lasting 9.54 minutes:
Getting to Know GenerateBlocks

Adding shape dividers to a page provides visual interest. This video from Mike Oliver Design lasts 11.17 minutes:
GenerateBlocks Shape Dividers


Mike Oliver is a designer at GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks and is a major contributor to the Template Library available with the Premium and Pro versions. Over 150 templates, and growing, are available for direct importing to your websites and can be tweaked to your own requirements.

Documentation and Support

GenerateBlocks provides extensive documentation and an excellent support facility.

Designing Your Websites

Being in total control of your website relieves the pressure of having to design a “perfect” website on day one, deciding upon the fonts, colours, images,layout etc. That “perfect” website invariably becomes out-dated over time.

Set up a website with GenerateBlocks, it doesn’t have to be perfect when starting out, let it grow with you. You’ll probably make many changes and improvements along the way. Your first website can be completed and live within hours. Keep your website fresh with new information and photos.

Having so much flexibility you might decide to design your website to closely reflect another website you admire. You can get inspiration from major business’ websites.

Hosting and Support

Choosing a good hosting company is essential. Managed WordPress Hosting plans vary considerably for degrees of security, server loading speeds, website backups, support and customer care.

A lower-end host may charge about £24 a month plus an additional annual charge to monitor your website daily and notify you if it has been hacked or injected with malicious code. What do you do then?

Highly respected hosting will include software based restrictions to stop malicious code from entering your website and real time DDoS attack detection and mitigation, plus a 100% hack fix guarantee. This hosting will cost about £75 per month to include up to 5 websites.

For the past 7 years Admin Advice has been hosted through a technology company that focuses on helping us build successful businesses online. They provide the very highest quality of hosting, support, training and community inter-action for about £37 per month to include hosting for up to 10 websites, or £75 per month for hosting up to 50 websites.

Wealthy Affiliate is the company we joined 7 years ago. We have experienced their evolving into a respected technology company and providers of leading tutorials in digital skills. It is the Wealthy Affiliate build platform and hosting that enables us to provide top quality products at very affordable costs. Their TrustPilot score, the world’s independent review platform, is excellent at 4.8/5.0 (compare with other website builders and hosting companies you see advertised).

Experience Website Building With GenerateBlocks

We want you to be confident that you can build your own websites and recommend you build a website with GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks, following the “Menu Layout from Grill” video from Mike Oliver (we suggest using a background colour and gradient in place of the background image).

To participate you will require a build platform and hosting, the best option is via Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership, keeping the cost for a month-long trial to about £15. After that first month their package will cost you about £37 per month and there are no long term commitments (your total outlay would be just £15 should you decide not to proceed). Wealthy Affiliate also provides you with the tuition to create your website prior to adding content.

Proceed by advising us through the Contact Page and we will e-mail you the line by line practical instructions to build some practice content and the Menu Layout from Grill.

Test Drive Our Complete Package

You join Wealthy Affiliate for free but will require the Premium Membership to access GenerateBlocks. You join Wealthy Affiliate for free. Becoming a Premium Member, your first month will be discounted to $19 (about £15). You can create a free website under the domain, choosing the GeneratePress theme and the GenerateBlocks plugin. Use this free website to practice using GenerateBlocks.

To add the GenerateBlocks plugin go to Plugins in the WordPress menu of your website and click “Add New”. In the search box type GenerateBlocks and select GenerateBlocks by Tom Osborne. Click “Install Now”and then click “Activate”. Go to Pages in the WordPress menu and select “Add New”, give your page a title and you are now at the start point shown in the video tutorials.

Components (not to be confused with is by far the most popular website builder powering 41% of the 1.88 billion websites online. The WordPress Block Editor has now superseded the Classic Editor and is free to use.

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme that focuses on speed and usability. One of the most popular themes with 1,000+ reviews giving it a 5-star rating and having over 3.5 million downloads.

GenerateBlocks is a small collection of lightweight WordPress blocks that can accomplish nearly anything. A free plugin.

GeneratePress Premium provides customisation controls and professionally designed starter sites. Available for use on 500 websites for a yearly fee of $59.

GenerateBlocks Pro adds more options, more convenience and over 150 templates. Available for use on 1 website for $39 per year, 10 websites for $69 per year or 250 websites for $99 per year.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership is free, you will receive the benefits shown in the listing below.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is available at $49 per month, (following a discounted first month at $19), or $495 annually. See below for the extensive tutorials, tools and benefits provided. Wealthy Affiliate is the world’s leading platform for internet entrepreneurs.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus+ Membership is available at $99 per month or $995 annually. Premium Plus provides access to an additional training platform with 200+ training videos being added each year from industry professionals. Their training provides expertise that many currently operating in the UK lack. The Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Tool is included and the number of websites you can host increases to 50.

Domain Names – top level domain names can be purchased via the Wealthy Affiliate platform and cost about £15 per year.

Contact Admin Advice – please use the contact page to contact us as we want to help in your success. We will also become your mentor within Wealthy Affiliate, our user name within WA is “Braintree” and you will be able to private message us through WA.

Affiliate Disclosure – All members of Wealthy Affiliate, free and paying, are entered into the company affiliate program. By joining Wealthy Affiliate via one of our links we will receive a commission. Full details are included when becoming a free member.