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Combining simple website tutorials with the very best in hosting, security, SEO and fast load times enable you to create quality websites with relative ease. There is just one training platform that I can recommend as combining the very best of these requirements and I confidently say has all the training and facilities you will ever need.

Websites For AllWorking With Simple Website Tutorials

Launched in 2003, WordPress started as a blogging system but has now evolved as a full website content management system, now powering more than 30% of all websites in the world.

Back in 1987 the first Windows version of Excel spreadsheets emerged and 20 years later it was the most widely used spreadsheet in the market. In 2012, we recognized that WordPress was rapidly progressing in much the same way in the website development market. Would the time come when we can all develop our own websites just as we develop Excel spreadsheets?

 A website is a necessity in today’s business arena and it can never be too early to learn everything about websites and their hosting etc. requirements. Our article “Prepare to Start A Business” can be accessed by clicking here.

Create A Website With Relative Ease

These days you can create a website with relative ease. However, the difference between a quality site and one that is lacking include – Speed and Load Time; Professional Design and Appearance; Ease of Navigation; Use of a Content Management System and Quality Content.

Choosing Your Website Hosting Company

Your website, which is your web presence, then has to be hosted. When hosted on a server your website is available to everyone searching the internet. Details of the levels of hosting available can be found from this link.

WordPress tell us there are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there and the vast majority do meet the WordPress minimum requirements. Choosing from the crowd can be difficult as indicated from the WordPress statement, not all hosts meet even the minimum standards.

When choosing a hosting company we ask for their record on “down time” (when their sites are not available on the internet); how fast will the site load?; what limits they have on website size and visitor numbers?; what charges might we incur beyond the headline hosting costs? and how often are backups taken?

Security Must Be The Top Priority

Security of your website has to be the top priority. Being so popular WordPress has become a target for hackers and virus attacks. Security up-dates are issued regularly and MUST be applied to your website. We had contact with a gentleman who left university and set up developing websites. Unfortunately, due to insufficient security measures one of the websites he had created developed a virus and the owners of the server he rented to host all of his clients’ websites immediately removed all the sites he had created. All of his customers were left with non-functioning websites.

Whilst it is easy to create your own website following some of the tuition available, there are dangers to your website further down the road that you must be aware of. The tuition we decided upon and will introduce you to are world leaders and you will be protected from hackers, spammers and all forms of erroneous attacks. You can move forward with confidence.

Affordable Websites For Small And Start-Up Businesses

We want our websites for small and start-up businesses to be as fast and secure as those of larger organizations. To meet our requirements we insist that our development company would be a long-term big player who would develop and keep pace with the fast moving WordPress. For the first years of searching we had no success, then in 2014 we had a surprising breakthrough and have been associated with this business ever since.

An “Unconventional” Solution

Three and a half years ago it was suggested to us that we should look into a Canadian business which was not advertising itself as a hosting company but is a training and support program in building websites and monetizing them through affiliate marketing. However, behind the training platform they have built a technology company that is the industry leader in the website development arena. Their SiteBuilder platform is the most simplistic, yet advanced in the industry.

They also have technical staff working 24/7, 365 days a year and their new developments due in 2019 will be game changing. Here we have a leading business, built up over the past 12 years with close to $15 MILLION having been invested to date. Some EXCLUSIVE technologies make sure their websites are operating at lightning speeds, but also in a very secure way with protection from hackers, spammers and all forms of erroneous attacks. This is the only simple website tuition solution we can confidently recommend to you.

Having Full Control Of Your Websites

If you require an all-singing, all-dancing complicated website then you will not learn to create this overnight and we can refer you to professional web developers who will provide an excellent result at a reasonable cost.

However, regardless of your background, technical knowledge or experience it is perfectly practical for you (or a member of staff or family) to create a fully operational WordPress website which you can add to and adjust at any time. You will have your own domain name, no demurring adverts on your site, no pesky hosting charges and your site can be as individual and as large as you desire. You will be in full control of your website, you will also have the full backup of the company and ourselves should you need advice or help.

By just following a few simple steps you will have created your website.

All The Education You Need

Today in Britain online trading is rapidly expanding. A report by Capital Economics commissioned by Amazon has found the number of small and medium-sized enterprises trading online is set to rise to 88% during 2018, compared with 64% at present.

As mentioned earlier our company are presenting training in all aspects of website creation, SEO, affiliate marketing, social media and site monetizing etc. Joining the training program not only provides you with the simple steps to take in creating any website but can provide you (or a family member) with an in-depth training to making incomes online.

A Huge Bonus Included With Your Website

We have already mentioned that you will have access to the most simplistic, yet advanced SiteBuilder platform in the industry. Your websites will be hosted via some exclusive technologies making sure they are operating at lightning speeds, but also in a very secure way with protection from hackers, spammers and all forms of erroneous attacks. You are covered by technical staff working 24/7, 365 days a year and you will receive training and other extra facilities that are second to none. And there is more…….

This Is Massive!

The facilities you will enjoy enable you to build and have hosted not one website, not two websites but AN UNBELIEVABLE 10 WEBSITES! You can create your own website(s), charge a local business or client to create and host a website for them and still have plenty of sites left to develop your own portfolio of income producing websites. And the only extra cost to you to run more sites is the domain name fees.

If your business was offering a range of services or products here is an option to create a website for each product or service and remember you do not pay those pesky hosting fees for each website!

What Will It Cost?

We recommend joining the Wealthy Affiliates University, a community of  two million members including 10,000’s of industry experts. There is limited training during an initial FREE membership but it is the “premium” membership which provides you with all the training and facilities you will ever need.

As a premium member you enjoy all the benefits listed below at a cost of $49 a month, This amount is discounted  when making annual payments at $495 (about £410 in UK).


Affiliate Disclosure: As a member of Wealthy Affiliates I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. These commissions are allocated to the running of Admin Advice Associates.

The Premium Package Includes:

The full premium membership is unparalleled value at $495 a year and premium membership provides all the following within your yearly fee:

  • Beginners Training Course, 50 lessons, regularly updated to keep us ahead of the competition
  • 12 Training Classrooms
  • Live Weekly Video Classes
  • Video Walk-Throughs plus over 300 hours in the video library
  • Live Help with direct access to 10,000’s of industry experts
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Host up to 10 Websites
  • All Inclusive Site Domain Platform, a world first
  • Advanced Website Training to help you become an expert on WordPress
  • Choose from over 3,000 beautiful mobile ready website templates
  • Select from 52,000 “feature” extensions to enhance your website
  • Over 1 million beautiful fully optimised images
  • Website Encryption and free SSL certification
  • Website Analysis, find your website rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Grammar, Spelling and Plagiarism Checks
  • Fastest Website Load Times in the industry
  • Website Feedback and Comment
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backups
  • Website Technical Support and Monitoring, 24/7 365 days a year
  • Powerful Servers providing next level hosting
  • Affiliate Program and bootcamp training
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Earn While You Learn
  • Keyword Research Tool, Jaaxy
  • Uncover Incredibly Valuable Domains for use in your business or future re-sale
  • Private Messaging including private access to the owners
  • Thousands of Training Modules contributed by experts within the community and covering everything you could imagine about running an online business.

The powerful WA servers provide hosting and services comparable to $150+ per month hosting packages offered out there – and that is just for one website!

To Get the Most Advanced, Yet Simplistic Training in the Industry, Click Here

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