Admin Advice Association

Admin Advice Association concentrates on the administration side of business and addresses the following:

  • People contemplating commencement of their own full-time, part-time or spare-time business
  • Existing small businesses
  • People working within the administration area of businesses
  • Those returning to work after a period of parenting etc.
  • We encourage and help people to become qualified bookkeepers
  • Business managers wishing to extend their knowledge in business administration and financial controls
  • Pensioners interested in the continual involvement of I.T./Social Media etc.

Stage One: The Website

The website has been built by Colin, who commenced with zero experience of website creation, social media etc.

In his quest to build the website himself Colin discovered Wealthy Affiliate which provided all his requirements within one website. Wealthy Affiliate have been in existence for 15 years and have developed the most advanced WordPress website building platform, hosting on super-fast servers and provide world-class training within the on-line business world.

Wealthy Affiliate has a supportive community of 1.5 million members worldwide. This includes many experts who are encouraged by the Company, and are very willing, to provide all the support and guidance a new member might require. The website “Promoting Small and Start-Up Businesses” includes some 40,000 words within a number of blogs (August 2018) and the main topics covered are bookkeeping, accounting, website creation, taxation, marketing, creating a business plan, accounting software, budgeting, management accounting, website hosting and security and gaining a bookkeeping qualification with the AAT.

There have been a lot of changes in recent years, most recently to Data Protection. Wealthy Affiliate members were kept up to date with information on these and also privacy policies, cookies statements, addition of SSL certification (free) and changes in Google algorithms.

Stage Two: Progressing to the Admin Advice Association

The supportive community at Wealthy Affiliate is something we wish to introduce to Admin Advice.

Admin Advice Association will be a free network for anyone requiring business administration advice, looking to progress in an administration job or wishing to extend their business knowledge. They will be encouraged to actively network with local Admin Advice Association Members.

In his quest to build his own website Colin came across a Canadian Company – Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Networking is an essential part of extending a business and can assure small business owners that changes such as the recent data protection and the soon to be introduced Making Tax Digital need not be a burden. Networking with Admin Advice Association members will be on a social basis.

Structure of the AAA Network Groups

Each group will cover a county within the UK. Groups will consist of Admin Advice Associates and Admin Advice Association Members.

Admin Advice Associates

The requirements for being an associate are:

  1. an outline knowledge of bookkeeping as taught in the free bookkeeping course included within and also the article “Duties of a Bookkeeper”
  2. to be aware of the accounting software packages available and to appreciate that businesses can start up without incurring any expense in these areas (reference the article “Small Business Cost Cutting Ideas”
  3. to be a “Pro” member of Wealthy Affiliate as the information gathered from that membership will be relevant to many within the community.
  4. to have built a website, hosted on WA and built by following the WA training
  5. to be in a position to benefit their own business by making contact with the Admin Advice target audience as listed at the head of this article.

Admin Advice Associates will be advertising to our target audience and will also, along with other associates in the county, be developing the local county networking group. The annual fee for an associate is £100. (The WA “Pro” membership fee is $359 p.a.). Admin Advice Associates may advertise themselves as such and may be involved in more than one county provided they are actively recruiting in each county. (Fee for each additional county is £100).

Each county will allocate one of their associates to represent them at national (H.O.) level.

Admin Advice Association Members

Admin Advice Association Members will be business-to-business operations and will have been introduced by an associate or another member. They can also apply to, or be introduced directly by Head Office via the website. Members will refer people requiring expertise other than their own subject to other members within their county group or even within other groups.

Members will be able to include a profile of their business on the county page and also list the headings they wish to be searched under. Members may also submit one entry quarterly for entry under “Tips and Recommendations” within the main website.

The cost of membership is £300 p.a., currently discounted 33.3% for their first year. Members must be prepared to meet anyone requesting a meeting on a social basis to offer their expertise and help that person. Members may be represented in more than one county, the fees for additional counties are minimal.

Plans for Growth

Networking is a major contributor to business growth. 4Networking is a UK networking group with in excess of 50,000 members. Our members will network with each other within the wide administration arena and will also be prepared to have informal meetings with people interested in these subjects as well as those currently involved in businesses of their own.

Business-to business participants are always keen to attract business from new start-ups and Admin Advice provides members with an additional tool to attract potential new business. The administration side of a business is usually an area where the business owner has least experience and therefore needs to consult. Admin Advice seeks to be the first call when businesses need any advice and guidance in this area.

By having a large network of members, expert in their own subjects and able to introduce experts in all other administration areas, we look to gain recognition from local councils and others who offer services to budding entrepreneurs.

Allocation of Finances

The fees paid by the Admin Advice Association Member will be allocated 50% to the county where they are registered and 50% to Head Office. The Admin Associates in the counties will use the finances they receive to best advertise Admin Advice to their local communities. The fees going to head office will be used to cover the head office expenditure and advertise Admin Advice at a national level.

Ownership of Admin Advice Association

Colin owns the website domains, and and he will receive a percentage of the member fees received by head office.

Admin Advice Association shall belong to the Associates, a potentially valuable asset for every associate. A formula to take into account an associates expertise and their contribution to extending the popularity of Admin Advice may eventually be created. With the expertise mainly being with the associates it is considered they will be in the best position to have control of the association.

Budgeted Growth

There are about 60 counties or areas throughout the UK and we are budgeting to have an average of 100 members per area, 6,000 members in total. Our target is to reach this number in 5 years. At the discounted membership fees the income will be £1,200,000 p.a. at year 5. £600,000 will be allocated to the areas for local promotion and £600,000 will be for Head Office costs and national promotions.

The following is a list of some of the b2b categories that can benefit by being Admin Advice Associate Members:

Web Developers
Stationery Suppliers
Van Rentals
Vehicle Leasing
Mortgage Brokers
Advertising Agencies
Local Publications
P.A. Secretarial Services
Employment Agencies
Property Maintenance
Legal Services
Computer Suppliers
Packaging Materials
Protective Clothing
Marketing Consultants
Sign Writers
Blocked Drains
Handyman Services
Man and a Van
Skip Hire
Taxis and Private Hire
Machinery Hire.


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